The paper describes the advantages of the use of constraint logic programming to articulate transformation rules for multimedia presentation in combination with efficient constraint solving techniques. It demonstrates the need for two different types of constraints. Quantitative constraints are needed to verify whether the final form presentation meets all the numeric constraints that are required by the environment. Qualitative constraints are needed to facilitate high-level reasoning and presentation encoding. While the quantitative constraints can be handled by off-the-shelf constraint solvers, the qualitative constraints needed are specific to the multimedia domain and need to be defined explicitly.

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Keywords Multimedia, Constraints, CLP, CHR, Cuypers
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Conference International Conference on Multimedia Modeling
Geurts, J.P.T.M, van Ossenbruggen, J.R, & Hardman, L. (2001). Application-Specific Constraints for Multimedia Presentation Generation. In Proceedings of International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2001 (pp. 247–266).